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Personal Footwear Upcycled in Over-the-Rhine


Shoes made where you walk. Individually fit to your foot. Created from reused and post-waste materials.

Our footwear is constructed using sustainable and local materials, while focusing on quality and craftsmanship. Our small batch manufacturing demonstrates transparency of process, honesty of material selection, and importance of craftsmanship.


Hi, I'm Regina. I've been making shoes since I was three. No, really.

The process of creating long-lasting, lovely, and sustainable items is like a meditative practice to me. I put a lot of love into the footwear I produce. You'll be able to feel it.

This process, each step from start to finish, takes some work. It takes some thought. If you choose to live consciously you can't just float on through and expect it to happen. Sometimes, it feels like resisting, like swimming upstream. I believe in you, little fish!

So much gratitude to Alisha Budkie, the founder and namer of this brand. Thank you for what you began. Thank you for releasing it into my care.


Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world.What can we do about it? Who can we trust?

It's rumored that a goldfish remembers eight seconds of its life. As beings with a consciousness, we are tasked with a conscience. We truly can understand the impact of our actions—that is, we would be able to if the industries that provide the goods we use were transparent with us!

My hope is that we can have a relationship: you, as conscious consumer, me, as maker. You will support brands that don't harm the environment and the worker. I will be open with you about what goes into this product, how it is made, and how to dispose of it at the end of its lifecycle.

I source the materials for my products sustainably and even locally where possible. The leather is either sourced from a vetted tannery or upcycled fragments from manufacturers who create bigger items. The calico and fabric is all reclaim. The cork or felt midsole is sustainably produced, causing no harm to the tree or animal. The sole is made of local sawdust and Havea Brasiliensis latex. I use very little glue and stitch the shoes by hand.


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